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Previous semester Old exam examples  for exams 1 and 2.
Selected Overheads
Course videotutorials on LP and simulation with EXTEND--also on the course CD
Need to review or fill in your notes? Check the recorded sessions from the online course, Fall, 2006.
Online course recordings from Fall 2006--play from the web.
Download a zipped file of the 2006 online course (650 MB-this is a huge file, but it can be downloaded at school and put on a 1 MB flash drive or burned to CD for transport)  Download by right click save target as. Convenience copies of these are also available on CD from
Videotutorials on Statistics in EXCEL

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Online Resources: Excellent EXCEL Videotutorials from DataPigTechnologies

Prerequisites: Econ. 1001, Stat. 3300, Acctg. 2410, computer capability equivalent to BA1800--Prerequisites are not waived.
Text: Operations Management by Heizer/Render, Fifth, Sixth or Seventh or eighth Edition ( the 7th & 8th are available in a "flexible edition"), including the POM for Windows disk. (There are two CD's with the book if it is earlier than the 8th edition.)
EXTEND Lite Simulation Software, Videos and other course materials on the Course CD-- This is different from the CD's that came with the book. The course videos and software are widely available from student volunteers who burn CDs and charge a nominal amount for media and copying costs. I also have CD's of the recorded online courses, BA3300, Statistics (W06) and BA3320, Operations Management (F06)

You may need access to a computer where you can install the software from the book to do the exercises. You should also have a copy of Microsoft Office on your computer so you can do the EXCEL assignments at home. Try the bookstore for the Academic version Office Pro at a very reasonable price. You may have to go back to your install CDs and do a custom install to get SOLVER.

Tentative Grading:
Dr. Bud Banis
Campus CCB 230, 314-516-6136 off-campus, 636-394-4950 (nights and weekends)
E-mail: ba3320 (at) bud banis . com   WebPages,
Monica Farrell in Business Advising sometimes has a list of people who offer Private Tutoring in this course
Dr. James Campbell has a useful set of Powerpoint slides and problem sets/solutions related to the Heizer-Render textbook

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Exercise 3, Diet LP due Monday November 5.
Quiz 7 had typos, everybody got full credit, here is a corrected copy with answers
Fall 2007 Exam 1 distribution
Exam Copy Fall07 & Answer KeyFall07 

Group Quiz one will be finished in class on January 25. This is the only quiz given out ahead of time, the rest will be in class.
Online section Last Fall Call the UMSL Help line for help getting connected 314-516-603
Horizon Wimba Live classroom in mygateway. here are getting started instructions Goto mygateway for the course, click on communications and live classroom. You will have to go through a setup check, deactivate popup blockers, install the latest Java code to get this to work, but after that, it's pretty straightforward and has many features in common with Centra.
The Fall 2006 online course was recorded and converted to FLASH videos on the web also available on CD. See Recorded Centra Sessions

Computer Exercises:

HEY!! In Office 2007, where did the EXCEL menus go?

How to find EXCEL 2003 commands in EXCEL 2007 "Ribbons"
try downloading the Excel Ribbon mapping workbook.
I recommend clicking on the OFFICE icon at the top left of EXCEL 2007, click EXCEL OPTIONS (a button down at the bottom) and fix whatever needs fixing to get access to what you need, such as "Developer tab." Change the SaveAs default to old (1997-2003) EXCEL so you can still work on the product files on older versions of EXCEL. In case you have to, you might be able to find file converters at They are also promising to someday make their file formats open source. Uncommon fonts may also wreak havoc as you try to work on a file across machines. Change default font theme under "page layout." I know Times New Roman and Arial are uninspiring, but they are more likely to be on your other machine. After I get a feel for what needs to be fixed in the School's setup of EXCEL, I'll produce some guidance and videos on how to fix things, so you can relate my existing videotutorials to EXCEL 2007.
Microsoft has a compatibility pack for installation in older versions of OFFICE so you can read and write the new file formats. You need to install all the updates first.
if you can't use the link, then you can probably find it at the microsoft office site or google it.
The paper copy is due on the due date, I grade the paper copy and will take points off  if a worksheet is printed on more than one page unless otherwise specified. Disorderly printouts will be penalized. See the video on how to keep a spreadsheet from printing over more than one page The electronic copy is only for later reference in case there is a need to look at it to resolve any issues. If there is no electronic copy, you may not get credit.

Computer Exercise 1, Budgets--due TBA see instructions below.
Exercise 1 description--Budgets-- budget.xls  up to three pages. For the dropbox copy, you can put all 3 sheets into one file by simply copying your result from the first sheet to two other sheets in the same workbook.
Computer Exercise 2, Factor Rating DueTBA see instructions below.
Exercise 2 description--Factor Rating-jobrate.xls  Up to three pages Sensitivity analysis video. videos from BA1800 also show how to  build your own spreadsheet in case you want to do that. 
Computer Exercise 3, LP diet problem in Solver and POM-QM, Hardcopy TBA
Exercise 3--LP diet problem   This should be all on one page videos on the diet problem  See the recording of the Centra session on screen captures and putting all of this on one page, 101606pt2
For some reason I don't understand there is a reproducible problem in the school system with EXCEL 2007 that an attempt to generate  sensitivity data in EXCEL SOLVER at this point results in an out-of-memory error.
I have reproduced this problem in Vista and EXCEL 2007 on my own system, so have a video for it. solvrbug. The workaround is to solve without sensitivity analysis, then re-solve and get the sensitivity analysis.The second time around, it works.
you have to go through a full cycle to a successful solution before going back to get the sensitivity report. That is, solve without asking for sensitivity, then go back into solver and solve again, this time asking for the sensitivity report.
If you solve, ask for sensitivity, get the error, then solve again and again ask for sensitivity, you will get the error again.
There are three ways to use the POM LP software.
1) install the version from the book CD--you can't do this on the school system, you must install it on your own computer
2) download the demo program from prentice Hall (link on the 3320 video page at the website:
This has to be installed to run. --you can't do this on the school system, you must install it on your own computer.
3) Use the version on the course CD--distributed early in the semester--It runs right from the CD without having to be installed and can be used on the school system. This is how I ran it in the classroom and is shown on the class recordings from last Fall.

If you neglected to get a copy of this CD, there are many hundreds of them available from other students.
Hardcopy is graded. You are also required to put electronic copy in the mygateway dropboxes or you may get no credit. Do not email assignments.

Application Research Project-- Simulation in EXTEND or with Macros in EXCEL, LP with POM-QM or Solver. Real data, novel problem. Don't pull something out of a textbook or redo the fastfood diet problem.   Due last day of Class--before intensive study days. I won't accept any assignments after that day, as I am committed to getting everything graded and grades in on time.
If you really have a hot project in mind, consider expanding it a little to make it presentable at the Undergraduate Research Symposium .

Exams and Computer exercises are designed and analyzed to detect copying and other cheating.  Cheating on exams or assignments is not tolerated and will result in formal disciplinary action. 

Don't do these exercises below!
Computer Example Exercise on PivotTables and Simpson's paradox
Computer Exercise 4 won't be done this semester. Macdog simulation in EXTEND, because the "run from CD" version of the EXTEND software doesn't work right in the school system configuration and some may not have a computer of their own to install EXTEND, I've done this for you and recorded it on video. There will be a question on the second exam so you can demonstrate that you watched them and understood the experiments.
Exercise 5--Simulation with EXTENDNot to be done individually this semester. This must be a one sheet printout see example ,   videos on the simulation exercise
 Course videotutorials on LP and simulation with EXTEND--also on the course CD
You will need the Course CD and access to a computer if you want to do something with the EXTEND software. Extend software (V6) is distributed on the Course CD's with permission of the Publisher of the Heizer- Render text, Prentice Hall. There is a second earlier (V4) version on the course CD ROM that has the software installed in a way so it can be run directly from the CD, but the school machines have a memory configuration issue that interferes.  Note that files saved from V6 don't work in V4. Unlike all my materials on the CD, you do not have permission to distribute the EXTEND or Pom Win software to people outside the course. see the discussion on the CD.


Slight adjustment in Al Gore's "Statistics about "Warmest years on record"

This probably won't get as much publicity as the original reports, but seems the 1930's- 1940's, when carbon dioxide was much less significant, were warmer than recent years in the US.
NASA was forced to admit errors in their calculations. The reticence to admit the errors is a statement about how some "researchers" are invested in the $50 billion of our tax money spent on "global warming research" each year.

Dollars and energy costs of producing ethanol for Fuel

"Since petroleum products are used to produce corn and convert it to ethanol, it's questionable whether there is any net energy produced in the process."

I think I may have overstated this a little, as there have been changes in oil prices and the technology of ethanol production since the data I was remembering, and I have to offer some balance on it.

To be fair, that there is a lively debate on this, with the Corn-producer's groups ( vehemently challenging the assertions of researchers at Cornell and Berkley who calculate that there is substantially more energy used to produce the ethanol than is derived from burning it in your automobile.
The economics of corn-for-fuel are unfavorable, so it wouldn't happen on such a grand scale except for government tinkering. I don't know the details of the subsidies. I suspect a lot are buried in general ag subsidies.
One of the effects is a higher cost for food as corn is an important source of nutrients not only directly, but via feed for chickens, pigs and cattle. One effect of all this is to enrich Ag-Industry such as ADM at the expense of starving people in third world countries. ADM is making a killing on this in more ways than one.
Remember you can't do cost comparisons gallon-for-gallon as the energy contents are different due to partial oxidation in the case of ethanol.

There are a lot of aspects and arguments about this, but you can read some of the arguments and decide for yourself.

Here are some readings:

You can find a lot more from google searches and make up your own mind about it. Although things continue to change, my own impression at this time is that corn ethanol for fuel is more of a pork barrel subsidy to folks like Archer -Daniels-Midland  than a solution to our gas problems. Certainly, it's not the solution to "high cost" of energy, as it costs more per unit of energy from ethanol than from oil. There may also be some potential transportation and corrosion problems lurking in the infinite miscibility of ethanol and water.
I wouldn't personally invest in any ethanol plants. But then, the technology is young. Maybe things will be more practical with a few changes in focus and breakthroughs that are as yet unpredictable.

Due dates for Computer exercises:  Due    
#1 budgets- 2.5%  
#2 factor rating 2.5%  
Don't do #4 and #5
#4 simulation watch the video only  exam question  
#5 Simpson's paradox--Pivottables Watch the videos only exam question
Original research using  LP/solver, Monte Carlo  Simulation or Pivottables 10% and used for borderline decisions  


Course Evaluation:
This course is important to me, and I want to make it better. I learn a lot by teaching this course and from student suggestions.  Written comments are much more useful than the summary statistics I get from filled in bubbles. The comments you write on the course evaluations don't get to me until months after grades are in and are anonymous, so you should feel comfortable to write what you think.  I routinely share these comments with my area coordinator ("boss") Dr. Robert Nauss.  If you would rather make a comment to him directly, his E-mail address is

E-mail: ba3320 (at) bud banis . com
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