Selected Overheads BA3320:

Forgetting curve

Ode to Procrastination

Decision Tools & Risk Management

Textbook Heizer-Render Quantitative Modules A
Risk Management Powerpoint show
tools/macro/security must be medium or low and macros must be enabled to work)
another version has a different set of numbers than the one used in class, so it might be good for practice. Textbook Textbook components and redundancy p.513 Textbook: SPC and TQM Ch 6 Supplement  6 p 174

Linear Programming

Textbook Linear Programming module B Transportation Module C

(Note you don't have to know how to solve these manually, but I'll talk a little about that for historical interest)

Tech Travel description and tables for manual solution
    EXCEL Technician Transportation Model
           Modified EXCEL Technician travel model to explore shadow prices of hiring more technicians
 EXCEL transportation model for exploring extra plant capacity expansion
           description of the diet project.
            Videos on the diet LP Project videos on the diet problem
See the recording of the Centra session on screen captures and putting all of this on one page , 101606pt2


Job Matching -Assignment Method-Excel                                     Chapter 15
                    Assigning jobs--an example, as a PDF file, (you need the free add-in, Adobe Acrobat for this)
                    and an EXCEL Solver solution by Bill Cacheris of the MBA online program
                    What does it Mean?
Process Priority Rules-Excel/ POM-Win excel sheet for FCFS.sequence sheet completed
FCFS,DD,SPT,CR solution
Bang For The Buck (BFTB) sequencing exam questions
MILP --And what to do if there is no partial credit--The knapsack problem
Video on formulating the knapsack problem in Solver
MILP scheduling employees
overtime costs
pdf for Johnson's rule.  Description of Johnson's rule procedure.



Don't do this exercise. I did it for you. Watch the videos if you need to understand it in preparation for an exam question.Videos on the simulation queuing experiments, fixed vs. variable service time, disproportionate effect of a second server, combining queues.
simulation using the EXTEND Light Modeling system that is on the supplementary CD. Other Videos on the Macdog project
PDF of the assignment
macdog.exe  used in the example. This is a self- extracting archive, so execute it  and it will extract in the same directory to give you macdog2.mox which you can then use with the EXTEND program to do the assignment. It's small (20 K archive, 35 K extracted) so you can save it and extract it anyplace, even on a floppy disk.

Monte Carlo Simulations in EXCEL

An example of using EXCEL's Rand() function to build a Monte Carlo Simulation on the Transmission of disease
  This sheet has most of the formulas and mechanisms out in the open to make it easier to understand. I did have to resort to a short macro to provide an accumulator to track results on successive trials of the model.
This same sort of model could be used to simulate all kinds of other chance events such as gambling outcomes, weather, customer arrivals, stock returns, baseball game outcomes, etc..
It could be spiffed up with more buttons, spinners and dynamic graphs. You could probably build games on this format.
Here's an extension with a loop for 1000 trials and a pie chart Disease Sim K