Operations Management CD

The Course CD (distributed in class) has:

POM-QM can be installed on your own computer from the CD that came with the Heizer-Render text.
Remember, you can't install anything on the school computers.
You can also download demo version 8 of EXTEND from the vendor. These also must be installed. These run under Vista/win 7.

Imagine That! Website with more EXTEND Resources. Demo V8  is under the downloads link, but you have to install it and models can't be saved.

<>POM-QM upgrades from Prentice-Hall  must be installed.   http://wps.prenhall.com/bp_weiss_software_1/0,6750,91664-,00.html       

<>Some videos on manual (noncomputer) models:

Minimax regrets regrets.html
Zero sum Game   0sum.html
Prisoner's dilemma game   prisdlma.html
Spam example of a "prisoner's dilemma type" game:
version showing technical aspects of making the video
version with cutdown screen

PivotTables and Simpson's paradoxExample

(Links to videos in 4326)

Linear Programming

Excel file for the XY LP Problem xylp2.xls
PDF of the geometric solution of the XY LP Problem lpgeom.pdf
Video on XY LP problem set up xylp1
Video on XY LP problem set up in solver xylpsol
Video on XY LP problem sensitivity data in solver xylpsens
Tech Travel Sensitivity analysis example techtravel "manual" calculations

techtravel sensitivity

techtravel rationale for solver sensitivity

LP Diet problem from Heizer-Render  Get dietLPstart5320.xls I've done most of the configuration and POM solution for you
Description of LP Diet problem 
From the Heizer-Render Textbook
Dietdata copy from pdf at H-Z website and parse into EXCEL. It's easier to copy it from the handout, but this video shows how to get data from a PDF.
 After pasting into EXCEL, Parse by data/ text to columns.
Easier way--pasting and parsing data into excel from the assignment webpage parsdiet
Configuring diet Data for Solver model in EXCEL diettbl
Solver setup & solve diet problem dietsolv
For some reason I don't understand there is a reproducible problem in the school system with EXCEL 2007 that an attempt to generate  sensitivity data in EXCEL SOLVER at this point results in an out-of-memory error.
I have reproduced this problem in Vista and EXCEL 2007 on my own system, so made a video for it. The workaround is to solve without sensitivity analysis, then re-solve and get the sensitivity analysis.The second time around, it works. 
you have to go through a full cycle to a successful solution before going back to get the sensitivity report. That is, solve without asking for sensitivity, then go back into solver and solve again, this time asking for the sensitivity report.
If you solve, ask for sensitivity, get the error, then solve again and again ask for sensitivity, you will have an endless cyle of errors. Remember: insanity is doing the same thing repetitively and expecting something different to happen.

I've not yet reproduced this problem in EXCEL SOLVER 2010, but there are other issues.
paste diet data into POM-QM and solve dietpoms
paste PrtSc from POM into EXCEL and crop graphics in EXCEL and TextBox for discussion PrtScpom
Centra Class Recording on screen capture to make a one-page report on the Diet LP project-- Do Not use the "Print Screen" Button that shows on the screen with some versions of POM-QM--use the Print screen button on your keyboard to capture to the clipboard. Mon101606pt2

Knapsack model  in solver knapsack.html

Macdog Queuing in EXTEND

MacDog experiment One page report example
Expt1, Constant vs. variable service rate. If necessary, see Expt 1 below
Experiment 2, hook up a second server extexpt2
random service and 2 separate queues 2queues
Combine queues the easy way expt3ezway
Combining Queues with a combine block combqueues
Macdog expts. Done by me--these are long videos with excruciating detail. You can use the slider to skip over repetitive runs if you want.
Shorter versions
Where I have done the experiments for you
expt1 Fixed vs. random service rate EXPT 1
expt2 adding a second server EXPT 2
expt3 combining queues EXPT 3

Quiz to turn in hardcopy last class

EXTEND Resources

ExtendSim Resources on my Student Disk
ExtendSim Resources on your Hard Drive after installing Extend v.6 from the student disk
ExtendSim Resources at the ExtendSim Website -- free books, seminars and tutorials
ExtendSim Peculiarities, Foibles and Potholes
Project Management Videos
Project Management theory 1 Projppt1
Project Management theory 2 projppt2
project management Practical aspects-what should you do? projppt3

Learning Curve Videos

Learning Curve Theory lerncurvtheory.html
Learning Curve Practical Aspects:
  • The Fubar Factor
  • The Entropy Effect
  • The Midnight Operator Effect
The Insulin Fitration-A war story about the midnight operator effect Insulin filtration

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