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Recorded Centra sessions are also on the Centra site-- in the proprietary Centra format with limited navigation controls. 
The participants getting started essentials booklet was handed out at our first two meetings along with a course CD with all my videotutorials. 

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Converted Videos:

Download a zipped file of the 2006 online course (650 MB-this is a huge file, but it can be downloaded at school and put on a 1 MB flash drive or burned to CD for transport)  Download by right click save target as. Convenience copies of these are available on CD from

Videos of Centra online sessions converted to FLASH format with better navigation controls:
converted to a FLASH video Wednesday, 08-23-06 Partial session-beginning of the powerpoint on Decisions and Risk Management About 30 minutes
Due to the three communication glitches on Monday, recordings were lost. we covered the Risk Management Powerpoint through slide 22.
Wednesday, 08-30-06 risk management powerpoint through Minimax regret and Max EMV-beginning EMV spreadsheet part1Part2
Monday 09-03 was Labor Day holiday
Wednesday 09-06-06 EMV spreadsheet, goal seek and conditional formatting, Graphical sensitivity analysis part1part2
Monday 09-11-06 review of quiz 2, a preview of old exams online part1 decision trees part2
Wednesday 09-13-06 Finish decision trees part1 Break Even Analysis part2 start budgeting part3
Monday 09-18-06 Spreadsheet Budgeting part1   Reliability, Z scores and Joint probability of independent events-Intro to multicomponent reliability Part2
Wednesday 09-20-06 intro to multicomponent reliability, diagrams and calculations part1  the videoconference setup case part2 Factor rating intro part3
Monday 09-25-06 Exercise 2 Factor Rating and start of game theory Part1  Zero sum games. nonzero sum games and the prisoner's dilemma model part2
Wednesday 09-27-06 Iterated Prisoners Dilemma in Conflict Management workshop Part1 The Good News about the Bad News Gospel Part2
   Trunkmonkey videos didn't play well in Centra. here is a direct link
Monday 10-02-06 psychological factors part1  psychological factors, SPC Control Charts and TQM part2
Wednesday 10-04-06 TQM and summary on decision models  part1  Transportation model and intro to LP-geometric solution   part2
Monday 10-09-06 geometric LP shadow price and Range of validity concepts part1 X-Y LP solved in PPM-WIN Part2 X-Y LP solved in EXCEL with Solver, Part3 Interpretation of Generic output LP tables as in exams Part4
Wednesday 10-11-06 interpretation of generic LP output Part1  Technician travel--Why "free" may be too expensive and TPort model in SOLVER Part2
Monday 10-16-06 tech travel EXCEL sensitivity part1  Exercise 3 Diet problem  Part2  EXAM1 preview Part3
Wednesday 10-18-06 exam 1
Monday 10-23-06  Review of Exam 1 Results Part1  Assignment Model and jobs Part2
Wednesday 10-25-06 sequencing excel sheet Part1  Sequencing, the knapsack MILP problem Part2
Monday 10-30-06 LP employee scheduling models Part1 Other odd applications of Solver, Sudoku solvers, sequencing models? questions on LP diet Exercise 3 Part2
Wednesday 11-01-06  Intro to queuing concepts Part1 Queuing tables and start on airport ticket office example (interrupted by tech problem) comments on quiz 8 Part2
Monday 11-06-06 Queuing examples airport ticket agent independent queues and economic calculations part1 Combining queues part2
Wednesday 11-08-06 Intro to EXTEND simulation Modeling system part1 Macdog experiment one-fixed vs. variable service rate part2
Monday 11-13-06  Simulation with EXTEND: adding a second server and building parallel independent queues part1 combining queues part2
Wednesday 11-15-06 Inheritance of Mitochondrial DNA and EXCEL simulation family name extinction Part1 Forecasting overview and EXCEL time series tools Part2
Monday 11-27-06 Classical Inventory models:  EOQ and Quantity discounts part1  ROP with stochastic demand and Lead time part2
Wednesday 11-29-06 ROP vs FOI part1  EOQ vs POQ (ERS) part2  Single Period (perishable) model and Inventory conclusion part3
Monday 12-04-06 Project Management powerpoint part1 conclusion of Project Managment powerpoint part2
                     There was an unfortunate "moment of silence" while I was explaining the difference between "absolute" float and "relative" float. If you have absolute float, the predecessor's latest  finish time  is before your latest start time, so he can't deliver it late enough to deny you flexibility on when to start. This happens when you are right at the beginning, or your predecessor is on the critical path. Your float is relative if your predecessor has an opportunity to "eat your float" by not delivering the job until your latest start time.

Wednesday 12-06-06 Last Class. Learning Curves part1  Time and Motion Studies, the origin of New knowledge and what's on the exam part2


Centra course schedule

Ref No /Section 
date/ Time  Place
 Onsite Intro M,W, Aug  21,23 2:00-3:15  SSB205  
Exam1  Wed, Oct. 18   2:00-3:15 SSB205
Exam2  Monday, Dec. 11   12:30-2:30 !! SSB205

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