Operations Management CD4 has files for POM-QM and EXTEND only for those who have purchased the Heizer-Render text

Extend Lite v6 install

Extend Lite v 4 Run from Disk

POM-Win v 1.5 Run from Disk

as well as the Public Domain Gilbreth Time & Motion Study Video

Imagine That! Website with more EXTEND Resources

POM-QM Demo from Prentice-Hall  only runs 3 modules, but includes LP

Video tutorials on Linear Programming with EXCEL Solver and POM-QM

And Simulation with EXTEND:

These are Flash format requiring the free flash viewer. It should install automatically from the web if you don't have it yet.


Linear Programming with EXCEL Solver

Excel file for the XY LP Problem xylp2.xls
PDF of the geometric solution of the XY LP Problem lpgeom.pdf
Video on XY LP problem set up xylp1
Video on XY LP problem set up in solver xylpsol
Video on XY LP problem sensitivity data in solver xylpsens
LP Diet problem from Heizer-Render 
Description of LP Diet problem  for Operations Management
From the Heizer-Render Textbook
Dietdata copy from pdf at H-Z website and parse into excel.
This is easier copied from the handout, above. The video is an exe file with its own viewer and is large (8MB) this will be replaced by a flash video in the near future. After pasting into EXCEL, Parse by data/ text to columns.
pasting and parsing data into excel from the assignment webpage parsdiet
Configuring diet Data for Solver model in EXCEL diettbl
Solver setup & solve diet problem dietsolv
For some reason I don't understand there is a reproducible problem in the school system with EXCEL 2007 that an attempt to generate  sensitivity data in EXCEL SOLVER at this point results in an out-of-memory error.
I can't rproduce this problem in Vista and EXCEL 2007 on my own system, so don't have a video for it. The workaround is to solve without sensitivity analysis, then re-solve and get the sensitivity analysis.The second time around, it works. This is a problem for UMSL tech support.
paste diet data into POM and solve dietpoms
See the recording of the Centra session on screen captures and putting all of this on one page  101606pt2

Macdog Queuing in EXTEND

random service and 2 separate queues 2queues
Combining Queues with a combine block combqueues
Combine queues the easy way expt3ezway
Experiment 2, hook up a second server extexpt2


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