MS 5320  - Production & Operations Management

Fall 2011

"When you try to pull just one thing out of the Universe, you find it attached to everything else." --John Muir 

Text: Operations Management by Heizer/Render, Ninth Edition, including the POM/QM for Windows on the CD ROM.
EXTEND Lite Simulation Software Course videotutorials and other resources on CD ROM to be provided.

80%  Case Study/ Problem Sets/ quizzes:
            = 40% on 11-13 online quizzes, equally weighted. 40% on 5-7 Exercises/cases, equally weighted.
            extra credit equivalent to one quiz for completing the Course Feedback Survey.
20% Application Project Report to be presented in the last onsite session. This can be a part of a group project.

Dr. Bud Banis
off-campus Office, 636-394-4950
E-mail: WebPages,

Special notes and announcements go here:

How to access panopto recordings in mygateway accesspanopto.m4v  a podcast for iphone

            Syllabus as a PDF
Logistics & Operations Management out-of-class, specific topic video tutorials
          Selected Overheads

           Book 1 key handouts -- 

Undergrad online course recordings

Some resources:

HEY!! where did the EXCEL menus go?

How to find EXCEL 2003 commands in EXCEL 2007, 2010 "Ribbons"
try downloading the Excel Ribbon mapping workbook.
I recommend clicking on the OFFICE icon at the top left of EXCEL 2007, click EXCEL OPTIONS (a button down at the bottom) and fix whatever needs fixing to get access to what you need, such as "Developer tab." Change the SaveAs default to old (1997-2003) EXCEL so you can still work on the product files on older versions of EXCEL. In case you have to, you might be able to find file converters at They are also promising to someday make their file formats open source. Uncommon fonts may also wreak havoc as you try to work on a file across machines. Change default font theme under "page layout." I know Times New Roman and Arial are uninspiring, but they are more likely to be on your other machine.

EXCEL Solver and POM-QM--Linear Programming and EXTEND Simulation
Recorded Online Classes- Undergrad Operations Management

EXCEL statistics videos from the Business Statistics Course
Recorded Online classes-Business Statistics
Datapig tutorials on EXCEL, ACCESS and VB

Intro to Computers videos:
Large Document Editing with Styles inWORD,
windows explorer, netscape bookmarks,
Excel formula techniques, Excel import techniques,
ACCESS crosstabulation and Pivottables in EXCEL,
Winzip and FTP for large files 

Horizon WIMBA Live Classroom Participant's Guide
A workshop on how to make screen capture videotutorials
A workship on EXCEL models for controlling cheating

Cases/  exercises:

Ground Rules:

 case link

Due Before

Solved Examples and Resources

 Statistics and Decisions Homework-individual effort but consultation Quizzes/problems in mygateway, Course Documents Q1-Stats Review 
Q2-DriversEd case, Q3-Cheating incentives tree Put responses in mygateway quizzes and get feedback right away with 3 attempts allowed.
Before Sep 30 See the Zscore table links and tutorials in selected overheads, under reliability, and  examples in class and videos on minimax regret. recorded online classes from statistics and the undergrad Operations course should also be   helpful if you need more.

Beginning of tree is provided. Completion and analysis is individual effort (with consultation if needed). Case: RVFC  decision tree / value of imperfect information

There should be two tree diagrams with a few sentences about the value of the tests under the two different  scenarios.

Turn in hard copy in class on Oct. 29-- do a sanity check with colleagues to be sure you understand it   PDF Trees:Drug test, EVSI, OSHA

(New Video Wednesday 10/5)
A start on the RVFC tree as an example of how this might be done in EXCEL. Find drawing tools in EXCEL 2010 under the ribbon insert/shapes. After insertion, right click shapes to remove color fill to make them transparent.

Decisions, games, reliability & Redundancy Homework-individual effort but consultation Problem set/Quizzes- you'll need to refer to these PDFs 
PDF 4, -good decision Concepts, graphical sensitivity analysis, reliability
PDF 5, -reliability, SPC
PDF 6 -game theory
Put Responses on mygateway, under repective assignments.
 5 Attempts allowed- so don't just guess! due in my gateway assignments Before Oct28, 1 am Reliability PDF Zscore tables gametheory, lousywork lowpay
Simpson's Paradox PivotTable Homework-individual effort but consultation Simpson's Paradox PivotTable See handout and videos. 
Reproduce the sheet, test to see your results agree, read the references and write a few sentences about why this "beyond a shadow of a doubt" conclusion of discrimination is wrong and why you can't "prove" anything with statistics.
Printout due in Class Oct 29 The short videos show step by step how to do this, so I don't plan extensive coverage in class. do this on your own before we meet again.
LP POM Win and Solver Videos show you how to do this-individual effort as homework. Diet problem from the Heizer-Render site. 
Diet Problem
Here is the data already set up in EXCEL to save you time: dietLPstart5320.xls

See also the videos on how to do this including screen captures to report everything on a one-page report. I've done the data configuration and POM parts for you.

Look at videos and give it a shot after the Oct28 class.
It's not hard but Oct28,29 class discussion on sensitivity analysis will probably nail it down for you and help you answer the few questions. Finish and Turn it in by Nov 18 as hardcopy.
 LP Geometric, compare to 
XY-LP in solver
Admiral Motors.pdf, Admiral.exe compressed file for LP in POM-Win, self extracts to give adm.lin to run in POM-WIN which you purchased bundled with the textbook. 
solution to admiral motors questions.
Excel Solver Production planning--other models for your interest only. 
These are not required to be turned in.
I'll provide starter EXCEL sheets with data already set up. Finish as individual homework. 



Linear programming problems: 
Hospital Beds: 
hint: profit should be $9,551,659
Product Mix Problem from the Book Computer Product Mix, B.29
 Hint: profits should be $9683  $8865  $9380 
another configuration with sparse matrix for minimum requirements alternate hint
Not Required this session, for your interest only. Capacity Expansion problems in Solver 
techhire.htm and techire.xls
rbbexpan.pdf and rbbexpan.xls

See also the videos on sensitivity analysis in the tech travel example.

Simulation in EXTEND I have videos on doing these experiments. Remember you can use the slider to skip over the boring repetition of things you already understand. Repeat them on your own to get your own data. 
Check for reasonableness by comaparing to others' data, but do your own. 

Comparing to others' results and the experiments in the online videos will reveal if something is wrong. There are a few ways to mess this up, like not resetting fixed intervals after disconnecting the random number generator, or adding things that should be averaged (or vice-versa)

 MacDog.Exe self extracting archive gives macdog2.mox  for EXTEND MacDog exercise MacDoggies service model. It's easier to find macdog2.mox on the course CD under /extpomrun 
 Case description 
Here is an example layout for a one page report on the experiments. 
See the tutorials on the EXTEND CD and the manual for more. The file  is Ext_De32.exe for the tutorials on the working CD ROM provided by agreement with Prentice-Hall related to the textbook. The Program is ExtendLT.exe
This is not hard, but it's time consuming, and there could be hardware-softare issues, so  instead of having each person do it, I will produce short videos describing the experiments and results. I'll provide a short quiz on interpretation
My long videotutorials on the MacDog assignment. go into agonizing detail. don't bother watching this unless your cable goes out and you are desperate for entertainment.

Short videos overviewthe three Simulation Experiments I have done for you.


Print out this quiz, answer the questions and hand it in when we get together on Nov. 18


If you want to more with simulation in EXTENDSim, for example, in your project, I've added videos on the videos page for EXTENDSim Resources and Potholes

Quiz 7: Generic LP output interpretation  Homework-individual effort but consultation Quiz 7 PDF. Put responses in mygateway assignments.
5 attempts. 
by Nov 13, 1 am  See example Overheads: Formulation and Interpretations of LP output 
   The Mulch Company
   Molly's Fruit Pies 
    answers to mulch and molypies 
see online undergrad course videos as well to refresh on what we did in class 
Quiz 8: Assignment Model and Priority Rules  Homework-individual effort but consultation assignment  & scheduling description of quiz 8 on mygateway in course documents.
5 attempts.
by Nov 13, 1am  Assign Boss example and an elegant compact solution in EXCEL Solver by Bill Cacheris, OLMBA, 2000
Inventory model implications-Examples. Case not required to be submitted.  Homework-individual effort but consultation  Inventory POQ vs EOQ
 See especially the solved example.
Not required this session. for your interest only. solved example ERS v EOQ and Make vs. Buy eoqvpoq spreadsheet model, FOI v ROP
 single period, formulas, shortages, Z score table
Quiz 9. General questions on queuing theory. Homework-individual effort but consultation Quiz 9 PDF. Put reponses in mygateway assignments
5 attempts..
By Nov 6
Quiz 10: Qeueing table calculations Homework-individual effort but consultation PDF Description of Quiz 10
Put quiz responses on my gateway in assignments
 5 attempts
by Nov 13,1am For your interest: 
The Gender Inequities Restroom Queuing/Simulation Problem. 
Here is an example from a paper on this issue by Ahn Tran
There's a wealth of literature about this on the web--Potty Parity
Combining queues may be a bad strategy in this case (unless there is much excess capacity that isn't being used) as the theory predicts increasing variance in service times exacerbates the line length.
 Quiz 11: Learning Curves & Projects   Homework-individual effort but consultation  Videos for this are short and straightforward, so I won't do much in class. watch the videos, Read  Learning curves  quiz 11 PDF  put responses on mygateway in assignments.
5 attempts
Suggest you do this EARLY! but deadline is Nov 13, 1am  learncurv.pdf
See the videos on learning curve calculations 
Project Mgt crashing example.
Last Class Project Presentations
Nov 18
Extra Credit: Course feedback Survey    feedback survey  Extra credit equivalent to one quiz. Please type reponses in the word document and return by email. By Nov 21  

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