Selected Overheads LOM 5320:

Risk Management Powerpoint 2009 includes Key Concepts

Forgetting curve

Ode to Procrastination

Decision Tools & Risk Management

Textbook Heizer-Render Quantitative Modules A
Some Key Concepts of the course
Risk Management Powerpoint show--old longer version
tools/macro/security must be medium or low and macros must be enabled to work)
another version has a different set of numbers than the one used in class, so it might be good for practice.
  • hierarchy of decisions
  • smokers case
  • Situational Optimism
  • Minimax Regrets   Not in the book. Here is a video on the process of minimax regret
  • drivers ed case
  • emv and evpi table
  • emv spreadsheet     EMV spreadsheet with formulas
  • ski's coats and umbrellas EMV (Excel) graphical sensitivity spreadsheet with formulas
  • Future options table (Excel)
  • evpi tree
  • Value of information (PPS)
  • EVSI tree
  • Decision Trees example applications
  • Incentives and the GM Malibu gas tank case
  • Classroom issue decision tree from course evaluation
  • Look at Quiz 3 on Decision tree whether to cheat
  • Case for Homework: Risky Venture Finance Company RVFC
  • Breakeven Analysis

  • Classroom (online) review of BEA and comparative BEA
  • "Location" Breakeven Analysis (Excel); completed sheet with formulas and graph
  • Budget spreadsheet
  • Salary Raise Budgets
  • Reliability

    Complications & Techniques for Subjective Factors

    Game Theory

    Subjectivity and Statistical Quality Control

    Lean Manufacturing:

    Recommended Book: The Machine that Changed the World
     Text books:

     ISBN 0-13-171680-8 Six Sigma-Basic Tools and Techniques by Donna C.S. Summers (2007) Prentice Hall
     ISBN 0-07-144119-0 Lean Six Sigma Pocket Toolbook by George, Rowlands, Price, Maxey (2005) McGraw-Hill
     ISBN 1-59630-016-7 Beyond Lean- Lessons for Leading Organizational Change by Darrell Bender (2006) Heuristic Books

    Linear Programming

    Textbook Linear Programming module B Transportation Module C

    (Note you don't have to know how to solve these manually, but I'll talk a little about that for historical interest)

                description of the diet project.

    Here is the data already set up in EXCEL to save you time: dietLPstart5320.xls
              Videos on the diet LP Project videos on the diet problem
    See the recording of the Centra session on screen captures and putting all of this on one page , 101606pt2
                Step-by-step in the diet project---Video Tutorials

      Tech Travel description and tables for manual solution
        EXCEL Technician Transportation Model

     videos on detail of sensitivity analysis in the tech travel case

               Modified EXCEL Technician travel model to explore shadow prices of hiring more technicians
     EXCEL transportation model for exploring extra plant capacity expansion


    Job Matching -Assignment Method-Excel                                     Chapter 15
                        Assigning jobs--an example, as a PDF file, (you need the free add-in, Adobe Acrobat for this)
                        and an EXCEL Solver solution by Bill Cacheris of the MBA online program
                        What does it Mean?



    Simulation using the EXTEND Light Modeling system that is on the supplementary CD.   I have done this for you.
    PDF of the assignment
    macdog.exe file to be used in the assignment. This is a self- extracting archive, so execute it  and it will extract in the same directory to give you macdog2.mox which you can then use with the EXTEND program to do the assignment. It's small (20 K archive, 35 K extracted) so you can save it and extract it anyplace, even on a floppy disk.
    It's better to use the file on the CD, Macdog.mox, than to go through this rigamarole.
    Since the standalone old version of EXTEND may not work in the school system, and also doesn't work in WIN-Vista--here are videos to show the whole project in more detaol than you want to see--I urge you to use the controls at the bottom of the video to skim through the boring repetition as I will in class.
    Videos on the project

    Here is a set of shortern videos to cover the basics of the experiments and results
    I have done for you. in

    Short videos overview the three Simulation Experiments


    Print out this quiz, answer the questions and hand it in when we get together on Nov. 18


    Project Management

    LOM Videos cover Project Management

    Project Management Videos
    Project Management theory 1 Projppt1
    Project Management theory 2 projppt2
    project management Practical aspects-what should you do? projppt3
  • PERT and CPM ppt show
  • FREE 60 day trial of Microsoft Project
  • Learning and Efficiency

    Learning Curve Videos

    Learning Curve Theory lerncurvtheory.html
    Learning Curve Practical Aspects:
    • The Fubar Factor
    • The Entropy Effect
    • The Midnight Operator Effect
    The Insulin Fitration-A war story about the midnight operator effect Insulin filtration
    PDF used in the video Learning Curves

  • Efficiency, Time and Motion Studies  and Course Summary:
  • Revisiting the Key Concepts