BA 1800--Computers and Information Systems

Fall 2003
Dr. Bud Banis, 314-516-6136, CCB 230
Off-campus, 636-394-4950 (nights and weekends) E-mail ba1800 @ bud banis ,com  don't copy and paste this email address as it has extra spaces to thwart automated harvest by spammers
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TUTOR SCHEDULES:  Tutors are available in the SSB 103 lab with see their  scheduled hours at the BA1800 website by Course Coordinator Mimi Duncan
General Information webpage help, programming and more from Dr. Vicki Sauter

Course Description:

"Concepts of data processing and fundamental principles of computer- based information systems. Describes microcomputer hardware and software used for business and personal applications. Students will develop skills in microcomputer applications such as DOS commands, WINDOWS, word processing, graphics, spreadsheets, communications and programming."
In addition,  instructors for the BA1800 sections have participated in defining a basic "skill set" that should be the result of taking this course.

Course Materials:

Shrink-wrapped collection of textbooks: Windows NT; WORD; EXCEL; PowerPoint; ACCESS  Internet & The World Wide Web; Computer Confluence. Handouts and videotutorials.

There is a Publisher website related to the textbooks  Confluence and Office XP


At Least (!) twenty high density 3.5 inch blank computer diskettes (DOS, or IBM PC, Not MAC,  if preformatted), pencil for exams.

Approximate Schedule:

Week 1   Overview, Navigating in Windows 2000 See the Video in Windows Exercise        
            Self-Study      elementary hardware and DOS files                  Confluence, 1,2,3,4
Monday September 1--Labor Day Holiday
Self-Study from confluence book:
(we'll also talk about these concepts interspersed with our exercises)
Practice Questions on Concepts for Exam I 
List of Concepts to study
                Hardware, I/O, Storage Devices, Harddrive Housekeeping  Confluence
                Computer Crimes/Computer Viruses--Detect & Prevent.
Week 2          WWW browsing & Downloads, Student demo's of different Email systems(I prefer Eudora) Confluence Chapters 6&7 (Read)WWW
                To find your email userID goto and put in your SN & SSN
Week 3-4        WORD, cut and paste, tables and styles. WORD Video Tutorials

                Paragraph and character styles, Large Documents and Global editing
                Excellent tutorial on styles in WORD at Microsoft site
                Here is the page on Indexing WORD Documents.
                See How to make a concordance file from an existing embedded index in Microsoft WORD.
Workaround for the Microsoft WORD 2000 file permission error in saving large (>400K) Documents
Week 5          EXCEL general,formula design EXCEL Relative & Absolute addressing
                Exercise 1, jobrate,
 Weeks 6-8       Exercise 2, Gradesheet-- Import data, grddat.csv,
                Spreadsheet analysis, graphing Tutorials, Sorting , handouts
Week 9          Merge Assignment
Wednesday October  15,  EXAM 1--WIN, Hardware, E-Mail,WWW, WORD,  EXCEL
E-mail TWO MULTIPLE CHOICE questions to me, ba1800 @  budbanis. com This gets you credit and possible part in designing the exam. It's important to put your name and "exam questions" in the subject line. Make sure you are adequately identified and that your return address is good. Some exam questions may come from this collection.
In past semesters, people have volunteered to collect and  provide back a collection of questions to those who choose to contribute to a pool. typically, about half the exam questions were from current submissions.
. Here is the list of raw submitted questions for Fall 2003

Exam 1  winter 2001 distribution
Exam 1  Fall 2001 distribution
Exam 1 Winter 2002 distribution
Exam 1 Fall 2002 distribution

Exam 1Winter 2003 distribution
Exam 1 Fall, 2003 distribution
Odd key
Even Key

Historical Grade Distributions

Excused grades available until the last Drop Day Tuesday, November 11
 Weeks 10-12         WWW Homepage Design references and resources         WWW, HTML
Navigating in Powerpoint  see the downloadable powerpoint tutorials from the textbook. The tutorials specifically for the Powerpoint book are a little more than those for the Office 2000 Book.  The assignment is to generate a powerpoint show with at least 6 slides. It can be anything you want. You will upload the file to your website and put a prominent link on the index.html page so I can download the powerpoint show and will grade it at the same time as the webpages.
Email  submissions are not acceptable for any assignment unless specified.
Thanksgiving break No Class November 26

Weeks 13-15  ACCESS Relational Databases-- Links to US Government databases  and other data contributed by students as part of the exercise so we can study them in ACCESS.
                            Here is a description of the Access exercise
                            Here is a description of using Winzip or FTP to help working with large files


Use these on your webpages if you want.


EXAM 2--more EXCEL, ACCESS, html, and some general good stuff we've discovered throughout the semester E-mail questions to me, ba1800 @ budbanis com This gets you credit and possible part in designing the exam. It's important to put your name and "exam questions" in the subject line. You can get into a sharing pool with other students to get copies of others' questions to use as a study guide. See the note below about the option of skipping exam two and taking double weight on exam one

Please Note: To allow time to get grades in, no late assignments are accepted at the end of the semester. The Due dates are firm, and there will be no partial credit for anything turned in late.  anything turned in after the last class will not be accepted. Please see "The Rules" about grades, late assignments, academic dishonesty etc.

Ref No /Section Time M & W CCB Room Exam 2-Date & Time
13390/001 8:00-9:15 003 Monday December 15 / 07:45-9:45
13410/ 003 11:00-12:15 003 Wednesday Dec 17 / 10:00-12:00
If you are willing to accept double weight on exam 1, you can skip exam two and I will calculate a grade based on doubling the weight on the results of exam one --considering this, there is a risk the grade will go down if you take exam two.

Switching sections is not allowed unless there is a good reason and prior permission. Taking an exam at a later time than prescribed may result in a grade penalty. Doing so without permission may result in a zero grade for the exam.


Two exams 25% each
Practice Questions on Concepts for Exam I 
List of Concepts to study
Drop Dead     Topic                                           Points (400 total for lab)
Due Date
Aug 27       Windows Disk                                            20
Sep 8        WWW Browsing file- E-mailed                             20
Oct 1        WORD disk                                               70
Oct 8        E-mail Exam 1 question                                  10
Oct 13       EXCEL Assignment 1, 3-4 printouts & discussion          50
Oct 29       EXCEL Assignment 2, 2 Printouts & merge printout        80
Nov 19       WWW Homepage on the web- E-mail a link                  50
Nov 19       Powerpoint on web                                       30
Dec 8        ACCESS assignment                                       60
Dec 8        E-Mail Exam 2 Question                                  10
Note: to allow time for grading, all assignments must be submitted by the drop-dead dates
Best 5 of 6 quizzes. One will be dropped 10%

Historical Grade Distributions

Course Evaluation:
This course is important to me, and I want to make it better.  I learn a lot by teaching this course and from student suggestions.  Written comments are much more useful than the summary statistics I get from filled in bubbles. The comments you write on the course evaluations don't get to me until months after grades are in and are anonymous, so you should feel comfortable to write what you think.  I routinely share all these comments with my area coordinator ("boss") Dr. Robert Nauss.  If you would rather make a comment to him directly, his E-mail address is

I'm experimenting with a few things. Reactions for the last few semesters have been positive:

  • Leaving hardware and operating systems to individual study to allow more hands-on in class
  • Word processing:  large document editing, paragraph styles, global editing, how are books designed, Table of Contents, Indexing
  • More electronic pictures on the web with examples of how to crop and resize for webpage or document use.
  • "Open group" quizzes (a continuing experiment)
  • Student-submitted exam questions.  The last few semesters people volunteered to collect and distribute submitted questions.  I believe this was an effective study tool for those who participated.
Here is an approach for written comments: 
  • What are three things you liked about the way it went this session?
  • What is at least one thing that could be extended/improved or reduced/eliminated? 
One of my hopes is to foster a sense of sharing to encourage individual achievement. So I hope the fun we had together this session carries over as people stay in touch. Don't forget my E-mail address, ba1800 @ budbanis . com  thanks. 
Reporting final grades: Final grades are reported on time and accessible within a day or two in the University TRAIN phone system, 516-7000 and in My gateway.   Please do not call me about grades. I allocate time between sessions to catch up projects and  I'm usually not very available by phone between sessions. If you want, or need more detail, E-mail me so I can send you a copy and paste from my grade sheet. otherwise we would have continuing rounds of phone tag as I look things up.
Excused grades are available until the last drop day. After that, the grade assigned reflects performance.  Students caught cheating aren't elligible for Excused grades.
On rare occasions, a delayed grade is assigned because an extraordinary circumstance prevents a student who is doing well from completing some requirement by the time grades are due.  Example- someone delivers a baby on the day of the last exam and makes a reasonable judgement call to do it at the hospital instead of while taking the exam. 
Delayed grades are not an open opportunity to  procrastinate on assignments, get more time to study for exams, or try again for free when things aren't going well.

Exams (see example questions)

cover books, lectures, supplemental readings, handouts and lab assignments. Exams are closed book and closed notes. No make-up exams or switching sections without prior permission. A grade of zero will be assigned for exams missed without prior consent.You are expected to know definitions and terms. Exams consist of 50 multiple choice questions some of  which may be selected/adapted from student-submitted questions & questions from the books related to class material. Study groups and sharing information on submitted questions should be beneficial.

Exams are designed and analyzed to detect collaboration and other cheating. Cheating on exams or assignments will result in a degrading experience.

Quizzes are short, unannounced, and may require a disk. You are allowed to consult with others about the quizzes in class. There are no make-ups. No switching sections without prior permission. Quizzes must be turned in by the end of class signed with full name and student number in legible handwriting. Lab Assignments will require that you spend time outside of class. Expect to spend a minimum of two hours for every hour of class time for this course. Formal lab periods have been eliminated, but you are expected to make use of the SSB103 lab. Attendants in the computer labs can only help with general questions.

TUTOR SCHEDULES:  Tutors are available in the SSB 103 lab with scheduled hours listed at Mimi Duncan's Course Coordinator Website
Drop Dead dates for the assignments allow extra time for the myriad difficulties inherent in technological pursuits (i.e. %$#@! computers), illness, and other delays. Plan to finish and turn in assignments before these "drop-dead" dates to avoid getting zeroes for late and missing assignments. Late assignments won't be accepted or will be discounted unless there is prior permission. Working together can be very useful, but it is very important to actually do the exercises yourself and understand what's going on. Consult with others, but generate your own data and submit only your own work. Note that the exercises are designed to be personalized to some degree to encourage this. If assignments submitted are very similar in form and substance to someone else's then both parties will receive an F in the course and be subject to formal University disciplinary procedures which could lead to expulsion..
The assignment due dates are very liberal. In extraordinary cases, I may give permission to turn in an exercise after the drop dead date. However, if you are given another day or two to do the assignment, Do it immediately and turn it in at my office or mailbox on CCB second floor, as I will not accept it after other people's assignments are returned.   Please note only certain assignments are submitted by email. Because of the admixture with large amounts of spam, concern for viruses in attachments and practical problems with handling, editing and printing out thousands of assignments every semester, submission of other assignments by email is not acceptable.  Also please note that "extra credit" is not awarded to people who don't complete the basic assignment.

Submission of Multiple Choice exam questions:
These are easy points, but you have to follow these specifications to get credit

E-mail:  ba1800 @ budbanis ,com
Campus office CCB 230
On-campus phone X6136
Off-campus 636-394-4950
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