BA103--Learning about html

    Unlike most of the other things we've done in class, you are probably much better off doing most of the webpage exercise on your own, because there are so many opportunities to do different things with your pages. We'll spend the next couple of weeks in an unstructured mode working on these in class. Here are some sites to help with html and home page design.
    1. . This is someone I know who did her first web page at 1-2 a.m. on a Sunday morning a few years ago. It took about two hours.
    2. Don't just use the saveAs html options in Microsoft products to make webpages.   As usual, everything in the world is built into the pages produced this way, and you will have to do a lot of fixing to make it reasonably efficient and workable
    3. UM St. Louis had a course on web page design for faculty in the summer of '96 which is a little known resource for learning basic html. click on the basic html course item then click on each of the templates in order. Walk through these, viewing source code in Netscape (menu item View/view source). This will give you a good basic introduction to some html tags. Read the section on html and web page design in the WWW/Netscape book. I will assume you have done this.
    4. Lycos' Webmonkey is a great place to go for capsule and in-depth help on simple to sophisticated solutions.  The newsletter is very worthwhile if you want to do some serious webwork. Here is a link to the HTML cheatsheet to get you started.
    5. Here is a freeware html ASCII editor for work on your webpages at the html level

    6. download  html ASCII editor
    7. UM St. Louis Home Page has links to web page design tools see especially the webweaver's help page, and instructions on uploading your page to the ftp space.
    8. Teachers net has lesson plans and sharing for teachers---
    9. Alchemy Mindworks Inc. . Make your own animated graphics with shareware Gif Construction Set. Examples at this site are also okay to use on your page, but you should give credits. I put a link to Alchemy Mindworks on my pages--out of gratitude for the years of entertainment, if nothing else.
    10. Here is the result of a search for "free web graphics" on Google
    11. Here are some templates you can save to disk and modify to complete the assignment:
    12. Casetool-- a freeware utility that works under windows 95 to change all file names to lower case (helps keep down the confusion in the UNIX environment. Download casetool here . I got it originally from the clockworx web site,  but clockworx appears to be off on other things now. the world wide web turns . . .
    13. Want to register your own domain? It's easy and cheap. Beware that the DotCom business is volatile. ISP's (Internet Service Providers) come and go, so you are better to own your own domain name so you can move it around when the sands shift. I use DirectNIC as my registrar for most of my domains. Hope they stay in business!  You can also house your site here for free.
    14. Want to register with search engines and be findable? Jim tools are free to use to research key words and register with lots of search engines the easy way.  This guy is genuinely helpful!
    15. How about taking credit cards on your site and selling stuff? Big easy providers of ecommerce mechanics are paypal and ccnow --I use both of these regularly. you can set it up in less than an hour. You too can be an e-commerce entrepreneur!
    16. This IS a Business Course, you know! Aren't you glad we cover more than technology in this course!

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    Last modified, August 1, 2001