Web Page Assignment

have some backgrounds.

here is the UM St-Louis background used on many pages

I made these bars in photoshop and put "free to use" in the comments. Just right click on them to download. View source on one of the quiz pages to see how these can be put in as backgrounds. There are many other backgrounds available in the references given on the Web Resource Page. I expect everyone to go through those references and look at the chapter on webpage design in the WWW/ Netscape book.

What we're going to do and where to go for help:

AFew Potholes to Watch Out for...

I hope this exercise will be a lot of fun and open new worlds of communication for us all, but be careful about consistency in spelling--these are the most confusing bugs (worse than Visual Basic)

Specifications and required features include:

Putting your pages on the web:

A few people asked if it was okay to use some pictures from my pages and to put links to my pages.
I think everything I have put up on these pages is either free to use or belongs to me. It's fine with me for you to use them as long as there isn't excessive (!) ridicule or defamation or illegal use or other uses that don't fit the context and purposes of the University (a vice-chancellor suggested this phrase). 
I will try to allow some time in our last class for people to show off their web pages on the big screen.

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