BA 103--Computers and Information Systems

Example Exam Questions

What usually represents a character of data?

  1. a bit
  2. a byte
  3. an integer
  4. a pixel
  5. a keypunch operator
Magnetic tapes & magnetic disks are used for
  1. program storage only.
  2. secondary storage.
  3. primary storage.
  4. storage of only small amounts of data and programs.
  5. data storage only.
If CHKDSK gives less than 655,360 bytes RAM
  1. you'd better defrag your hard drive.
  2. Windows drivers are taking up too much memory.
  3. You may have a virus.
  4. There are lost allocation chains taking space.
  5. This is normal. DOS only accesses 640K RAM.
  6. your CMOS battery needs recharging.
Systems programs
  1. perform the same role as applications programs.
  2. are used to solve mathematically-oriented applications.
  3. allow applications programs to run on specific hardware.
  4. refer to all programs that run on a computer system.
  5. do not affect other types of software.
  1. is a rechargeable battery used to keep the CPU alive
  2. is read-only and can't be changed by the user
  3. Has nonvolatile but changeable configuration data
  4. has to be erased by uv light
  5. is susceptible to cigarette smoke
  6. Is on the north side of the system unit
Formatting disks
  1. should be done each time before you add any data
  2. is only needed for floppy disks
  3. sets up a data storage structure
  4. makes sure the right fonts and headings are used
  5. tells your machine what kind of disk drive it has
Computer RAM stands for
  1. Place where random numbers come from
  2. chips containing instructions and data temporarily before and after processing
  3. memory that holds data even when the computer is turned off.
  4. a band that sings, "Losing My Religion"
  5. a bad football team
  6. measured in hexabytes
There are three types of spreadsheet values (used in numeric calculations):
  1. numeric constant, formula, and function.
  2. numeric constant, formula, and label.
  3. numeric constant, function, and label.
  4. formula, function, and label.
  5. none of the above.
Software you are allowed to copy and distribute freely without charge is:
  1. Only freeware
  2. Only shareware
  3. Only commercial software
  4. Freeware and shareware
  5. Freeware and commercial software
A record is a(n)
  1. example of applications software.
  2. collection of related files.
  3. collection of related fields
  4. collection of related volumes.
  5. collection of related databases.
Checking the stock of goods for sale is the job of a company's ____________ system.
  1. accounts payable
  2. general ledger
  3. inventory control
  4. accounts receivable
  5. payroll
____________ fonts are those fonts composed of mathematically described curves.
  1. Outline
  2. Display
  3. Header
  4. Point-sized
  5. Bit-mapped
When asterisks fill a cell in LOTUS, this is an indication that data in the cell is
  1. hidden
  2. written over by the cell to the left
  3. protected so it can't be changed
  4. wider than the cell width
  5. erroneous so LOTUS can't deal with it
  6. against the law
In serial transmission, the bits representing a byte are sent out
  1. only if voice-grade lines are used.
  2. exclusively in EBCDIC.
  3. one after another.
  4. four bits at a time.
  5. all at once.
An interpreter translatesprograms written in BASIC
  1. by converting the program to FORTRAN first.
  2. by creating an object module.
  3. by creating a load module.
  4. one line at a time, as the program is being executed.
  5. by translating the entire program before it is executed.
In VB, which of the following tools creates a control in which you display text that you don't want the user to change?
  1. Caption tool
  2. Command tool
  3. Control tool
  4. Label tool
  5. Text tool
To reduce risk of nerve compression and pain
  1. Rest on your elbows & hold them in when sleeping
  2. Always grip your mouse tightly so it can't get away
  3. Keep elbows fully extended keep elbows at neutral position about 90 degrees.
  4. Use a splint that bends the wrist up.
  5. No position is good, just quit using your computer and sell it before you hurt yourself.
Ergonomics is
  1. The study of economics of work injuries.
  2. An exercise routine.
  3. How most people get injured on the job.
  4. Related to only sudden traumatic events on the job
  5. Study of workplace design related to physiology
  6. What people say when lifting heavy weights
An advantage of fiber optic cable over wire media is
  1. resistance to tapping.
  2. small size.
  3. longevity.
  4. light weight.
  5. all of the above.
  6. None of the above
New UNIX accounts use this as the initial password to check mail
  1. user's school id
  2. user's home phone number
  3. user's social security number
  4. Mother's maiden name
  5. Father's first name
While trying to format a floppy disk what is the most common cause of the error message, "Access Denied" ?
  1. the disk may be write-protected
  2. the disk has no label
  3. It is someone else's disk
  4. Klingons
  5. It is a networked floppy
Formatting disks
  1. should be done each time before you add any data
  2. is only needed for floppy disks
  3. sets up a data storage structure
  4. makes sure the right fonts and headings are used
  5. tells your machine what kind of disk drive it has
If you open yourVB project but see no forms on your screen, you should
  1. Click on Windows/Project.
  2. Use computer language & a bigger hammer.
  3. Close VB and reformat the disk.
  4. Double click the grayed-out forms icon.
  5. Type Forms.SHOW in the form status box
.Tape drives are primarily used as archival storage units instead of for day to day operations because...
  1. you can only read from them.
  2. data only lasts about six months before breaking down.
  3. tape storage is much too slow for day to day computing.
  4. they require a battery that could run down and ruin your data.
  5. tapes are not readily available for purchase.
to increase the speed of data access, you might use a:
  1. fragmented disk
  2. disk cache
  3. higher capacity fixed disk drive
  4. double density disk
  5. high density disk
If you find a virus on your computer--
  1. Reboot your computer.
  2. use it for a boat anchor and buy a new one.
  3. Share disks to see if others get the virus.
  4. Disinfect.
  5. Reformat the disk and erase the ROM.
how many bytes in an ASCII page?
  1. 4 Meg
  2. 4K
  3. 800K
  4. 1.44 megabytes
  5. 1.2 megabytes
Which is NOT true of a CD ROM?
  1. durable and plastic coated
  2. used to distribute multimedia applications
  3. Has two sectors
  4. Holds 680 million characters
  5. A laser beam is used to read it.
when performing a DISKCOPY, it's important to remember--
  1. To use an already formatted disk.
  2. To specify which file you want to copy so they won't all be copied.
  3. That existing files on the target will be lost.
  4. to always use a red disk
  5. To type DISKCOPY in capital letters.
Of the units of data listed below, which is the largest?
  1. field
  2. character
  3. file
  4. database
  5. record

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