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Videotutorials Deliver Technical Material Efficiently and Effectively

A Presentation for the University of Missouri—St Louis Teaching and Technology Conference November 4, 2005

(Revised January 13, 2006)
 Links here give you access on the web to materials that were distributed on CD in the workshop. You can download trial copies of Snagit and Camtasia studio from Techsmith, by downloading from where there are also videos and tutorials on how to use those programs.
I do have copies of my materials on CD that are free to copy for nonprofit educational use and have convenience copies of the current version available at . I give permission to copy and distribute my  web-based course materials freely for nonprofit educational purposes. I believe everything I include at my website is public domain, free to copy or owned by me. Please notify me if you find something here that violates this intent so I can fix it.

 On this disk:

latest version convenience copy available from instructionalvideotutorials.comBud's "Course CD" has a new edition about three times a year as an "okay to copy edition"with over 100 FLASH videotutorials related to:

You can buy a convenience copy of the free-to-copy CD at

Benefits to me and examples of using videos in my courses

Snagit 30 day trial I have permission to distribute

Snagit & Camtasia 30 day trial versions and Videotutorials on how to use Snagit and Camtasia at

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