BA 3300 - Business Statistics



Some extraordinary Resources:


The Data Ferret gives access to Census and CDC  data
fedstats,gov  gives links to a large variety of government sites with statistical data
The National Center for Health Statistics at CDC is a great central source on health statistics and microdata is an extraordinary resource for tools and data 
You may have a use for Math Programming and EXCEL addins at
Here is a web site I have found helpful.
Here is a database I found which has survey data.

EXCEL tips, tricks and tutorials:

Bud's free videotutorials     convenience CD available at and
Excellent EXCEL Videotutorials from DataPigTechnologies

Statistics Resources on the web

includes links to excellent tutorials, movies, books, course websites, programming aids, organizations
Current edition of Chance News
Miscellaneous databases and tools
-----Some interesting statistics questions to research
Here is a good new book on Design of Questionnaires

Interactive Statistics Tutorials on the web:

  • Be sure to look through the Statistics course notes by Dr. Hossein Arsham at the University of Baltimore .
  • Free statistics workbooks to study concepts
  • Bud's sites

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    Math & Statistics


    Statistical Resources Outstanding list of resources of all sorts including books, courses, reviews, tutorials, programing aids, organizations
    StatSoft Inc. This is the Statistica statistics software package site.  It has an incredible online statistics book with animated pictures illustrating concepts and very in-depth treatment of introductory to advanced statistical topics.
    The book is in web (html) format and is downloadable for personal use The download is over 5 megs and takes about a half-hour with a regular modem, but thereafter works a bit faster than it does over the web.  this is very worthwhile!
    "DAU STAT REFRESHER MODULE" A simpler online basic statistics tutorial consisting of a series of linked pages with branches treating basic statististics concepts with simple examples
    McClave/Sincich Series Statistics for Business and Economics The text used in Math 105 and BA 250 has this website with downloadable data sets, problems from the book and links to sites of instructors using the book in courses. some of these sites are quite impressive and useful

    CQE Pages

    Certified Quality Engineer Review Excellent site offering a downloadable CQE Review Manual and an excellent selection of questions from past exams.
    Quality Review book and CD ROM
    Welcome to ASQ American Society of Quality Homepage.  Learn about ASQ and the certification programs
    Stat-Ease, Inc., makers of Design-Expert and Design-Ease software, statistical consultants and trainers
    an example of an experimaental design company's webpage, with articles on design of experiments.
    CQE prep - CQE Professional Certification Training-small sample of questions as demo of osftware with database of 1200 questions.
    Certistep --short online quiz (9 questions) with immediate feedback-mostly qualitative

    Chance Course

    The Chance Database Welcome Page
    Home of the Chance Course--"Scientific American of Statistics" dedicated to promoting informed use of statistics in everyday life, and especially in understanding of news articles in the popular press.  A vast treasure trove of materials from lesson plans to examples to online movies about statistics in the practical everyday world

    Other interesting math-related sites

  • Birthday Coincidence simulation
  • Java Script Linear Algebra Interesting programming
  • The Fractal Microscope fun with mathematics and fractal designs
  • puzzles at the grey labyrinth  there is an excellent treatment of the Monty Hall puzzle there.


    Application Report:

    This needn't be a Master's thesis, but is a short statistical study on real data--not something out of the book. It can be data you gather yourself or something you find at work or on the web. The analysis must involve EXCEL tools we have used this semester to answer a real question. So it should include a test of a hypothesis, not just descriptive statistics. 
    the report should be 2-3 pages suitable for display and discussion on the last day of class. The first page will include description of the question, some detail on how the data was obtained, interpretation of results and conclusion. Other than scanning them  to see they meet those criteria, I won't scrutinize them before assigning a grade. However, if you are on a borderline, the quality of this report can make a big difference.

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